Wellbeing groups are a short or long term, focused intervention for children with particular social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which are creating a barrier to learning within a mainstream class. They are run by highly experienced , well trained staff who have a wealth of knowledge that they bring to thier role.

Groups can be anything from 2 – 6 children and some chidlren have 1:1 support.

Activities in support groups include model making, painting, cooking, team games and sports activities.

We discuss the children’s needs in depth with families and regularly update them on the children’s successes.

Children attending the wellbeing group remain an active part of their main class, spending appropriate times with the wellbeing group according to their need.

The groups have different aims – confidence building, emotional and behavioural support and counselling and bereavement counselling.

As the children learn academically and socially they develop confidence, become responsive to others, learn self-respect and take pride in behaving well and in achieving.

Support is not limited to the wellbeing group, as all teachers will embed the nurturing principles and practice at a whole school level, providing appropriate support for all pupils attending the school.